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Modern hall space the pursuit to meet different acoustic requirements

Traditional theatre, concert hall hall timbre features often is fixed, only suitable for some form of music style, performance, or even just a band, a composer's works.

And modern performing arts hall space are often used to satisfy a variety of functions, such as modern symphony, opera, ballet, drama, opera, even for meeting, film screenings.

A variety of different use function of hall space put forward different acoustic requirements, the reverberation time is one of the important indicators evaluate hall acoustics effect.

Reverberation time is long, the sound appears full, rich, have integral feeling and reverberation feeling, but the clarity of sound is poor.On the other hand, the clarity of sound.

All over the country rise "theatre" agitation

How to implement in the multi-function theater meet different performance art form without reducing the performance effect, as a new subject for performing arts industry.

In recent years, in some theatres, synagogues and tourist theater started using "digital variable reverberation system", in order to achieve more simulation of auditory enjoyment, so as to satisfy people's demand for listening.

Lemuse digital acoustic environment system (REAS) USES the advanced digital electronic technology, create meet for hall adapt to all kinds of professional performance and the acoustic environment, solved the hall architectural acoustics environment and performance types of matching problem.

Digital acoustic environment system can realize hall reverberation time the change of the frequency response curve;Can simulate the early reflections, improving the overall quality of hall effect;Can replace the traditional return cover, improve between artists and the hearing effect of the stage and the audience.

Lemuse digital acoustic environment system (REAS) can be integrated control system for unified control performance, with the change of the tent of meeting, the landscape of the field, and realize automatic switching of different acoustic environment.Can greatly reduce both building construction investment.Can effectively reduce the audience hall volume, reduce the operation cost of air-conditioning lighting directly.

Technical Feature

  • Powerful digital signal processing center

    REAS acoustic environment digital system processing core matrix maximum support 1 2 8 X 1 2 8, I extended to five biggest 1 O 2 input 512 output, contains two late reverberation sound energy processors and two early reflected sound energy processors.A processor core can complete the acoustic characteristics of the audience hall and stage all!REAS digital acoustic environment between system input and output interface box and the processing core sharing digital audio signal through the network, can form a distributed and centralized different audio signal processing platform, meet the needs of the client application.

  • The normalized simulation early reflections

    In stage area arrangement, directional microphones picked up the direct sound of stage area, through the normalization of the early reflections delay processing Matrix, which provide the audience hall drought period reflected sound energy, improve quality and space.

  • Multi-channel reverb network design

    REAS digital acoustic environment system adopts MCR reverberation network design, decorate in the audience hall multiple independent channels of microphone and speakers, avoid the reverberation radius of microphone and speaker, to reduce the correlation between input and output signals, at the same time, the reverb units through the input signal matrix, reduce reverberator comb filter effect, decrease in dyeing and further prevent signal superposition, improve reverberation gain, greatly improving the reverberation gain output, to create a good sense of reverberation for audience hall.

  • A key switch, free traveling

    R E A S digital acoustic environment system through the terminal control software, the acoustic model for "A key switch", also can Programming, with the change of program and automatic switching, instantly converted into the space you want to type.

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